AL, Xamarin and Azure sources and samples: WhatsApp, SMS and Apple and Android push notification… Soon will follow samples about: Line and WeChat messages, Alibaba Cloud and Shopify integrations, setup-up a payment with SumUP, ask to BC thought an Alexa Skill

“Control Add In” in Business Central: why iframes are not a good idea?

BUSINESS CENTRAL CONTROL ADD IN IFRAMES Most of Business Central Control AddIns sample I found on the internet mostly uses the <IFRAME> to embed an external webpage or website inside Business Central page. This solution is pretty common because it allows to easily and quickly embed the page just by using the <iframe> tag. With […]

My JSON To AL Converter

JSON TO AL CONVERTER Since I am very lazy and I didn’t find any AL code generator I decided to develop it on my own. My app gets a JSON file as input and, for each entity present, it automatically generates three files : 1) the AL table ; 2) the AL page ; 3) […]

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